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Registrations now open!

An audition workshop aimed towards helping recent graduates and final year WAAPA & UWA students who wish to pursue their studies or careers in Opera. 

Workshop Leaders


Registrations are now open! Details below! 

This project is proudly supported by Opera Lovers WA. 

"As a young singer, venturing out into a professional career brings a lot of auditions for Masters degrees, Competitions, Young Artist Programs and Festival companies. It is a very unnatural performing space that brings nerves and can really knock your self esteem - even if you have worked incredibly hard and are very talented! When you are a student, the main focus is building performance skills and we have some fabulous establishments doing this, however in Perth it is very rare that young singers get the opportunity to audition in unfamiliar places with people they don't know - let alone in a brand new city. 


Our goal is to give these young singers tools to prepare for 'audition season' and build their confidence in this particular area of being an artist. A lot of people haven't had these opportunities recently, especially because of travel restrictions. Our aim is to make this workshop accessible to all of our local aspiring artists and be part of that bridge between studying and working as a professional performer."

- Sicari & Cassidy

What will we cover?

  • Preparation for audition day mornings

  • Repertoire choice 

  • When things go ‘wrong’ and how to adapt

  • What do you need to prepare?

  • Presentation

  • Working with new musicians 

  • Being ready for anything the audition throws at you

  • Audition Oracle/YAP tracker

  • How to get the most out of an interview

  • What you can and can’t control

  • and more!


Who can apply: 

Final year classical voice students at WAAPA/UWA and recent graduates. We ask that all applicants speak with their teacher first and make sure they are aware of your application. It is very important to talk to your teacher about what you are applying/auditioning for, especially at this stage in your development. 


What will you need?

Please prepare 3 contrasting arias - you may be asked to sing one, two or all three of these. 

Anything else you would naturally think to bring to an audition

Notebook + pen 



We want to make sure we create a safe space for the singers in this workshop and will read through every registration to make sure all applicants are eligible. Please refer to 'Who can apply?' in the section above. 

If you are eligible, after you have filled out this form, you will be sent an email asking for your CV, audition repertoire and registration payment details. Once we have received these, you will receive your confirmation email. 

What are you appying for?
Email checklist

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon. Don't forget to keep an eye on your spam/junk folder!

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