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We did it!

We did it! We got to our fundraising target! Thank you to everyone who has donated and thank you to everyone who joined me for the SoundUp Arts fundraiser at Taste of Honey. The video will be available on Facebook for about a month and then it will be taken down. Go and catch it if you missed it.

A taste of honey have also been collecting donations at the deli which actually 'tipped' us over the edge for our target. In the end, we raised about £1,020 - how great is that!

Big congratulations to Peter Scanlon and Tony Robinson who won the auction prizes on the day. Alex Huxley was also such a champion and came to join me last minute for a jam on his trumpet. It was so nice hearing some live jazz improvising again. I could not have done this concert without the help of Enyo Agada, Joel Blandin and Penny Lynch. I'm very grateful for your help! Shout out to Leo and my Mum :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And cheers to Jack for helping us with getting some shelter from the rain.

I was also lucky enough to get some time chatting with Mike Sweeney about the concert on BBC Radio Manchester. You can catch the interview here:



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