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There's Nothing Like a bit of Company

Although this year has been quite uncertain and at sometimes overwhelming - I am currently on a train to Manchester thinking back on the last two weeks of music making, live performance, connection and art.

“...Garbed in the flotsam of a beachcomber, Sicari both sang and acted with consummate conviction, and her very clear diction drew us into this fascinating conception of Ariel’s post-Prospero existence. This was much more than a curtain-raiser.”

- Bachtrack

Robert Workman Photography

I am forever grateful to Waterperry Opera Festival for having me on board with their mini festival. It was a privilege and honour to have sung for you, for your audiences and in such a stunning space. Congratulations on a successful week and for bringing live performance life again... and in such a safe and well thought out way!

It's pretty safe to say everyone was itching to hear, sing, feel live music. Even though we had to keep our distance and wear masks inside, the energy of a company and the electricity from an audience was a feeling that had been very missed.

"Daniella Sicari was mesmerising in the role, holding our attention in a riveting manner for 25 minutes with few props and no instrumental support."

- Planet Hugill

It was wonderful to hear my colleagues sing every evening in Cosi fan Tutte - they were all stunning! Big congrats to Guy Withers and Bertie Baigent for a fab production. The weather held out for us every single performance day and on the final night where the thunder was rumbling and teasing, it just made it even more spectacular.

Robert Workman Photography

Working with Rebecca Meltzer on Ariel this month was more than a treat, it was the whole box of chocolate biscuits. She is such an explorative and creative person - this whole process was fun, imaginative, raw, emotional exhilarating and refreshing all in one.

We also had a full day of filming and recording for Ariel which means it will be available to watch online soon. Hugh Baigent was in charge of our audio session. During the recording we had quite a few interruptions such as birds, cars, planes, doors etc. but the one we decided to just enjoy was the real thunderstorm that was brewing outside. It was a very magical experience to sing text from The Tempest whilst the sky was grumbling and pouring. George O'Regan was our camera person and he even brought out a drone camera..! This was a very fun day.

Sicari rose admirably to the challenge, enthralling the audience with a strong, heartfelt performance that not only showcased her considerable singing and acting skills but threw in some fine acrobatics as well.

- Ox in a Box

I’m going to miss finding sand in my ears, the ants crawling over my arms, the possibility of getting drenched, the glare in my eyes, the grass in my toes and most of all the the hellos in the hallway and the smiles on peoples faces (or in their eyes sometimes when we all had masks on)

Until next year, Waterperry!

pc: Scarlett Roitman



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