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One way ticket to London ✈️

I am back in the UK today and looking forward to the months ahead of rehearsals, performances and moving all my things to my new flat in London ❤️

30/3 : Sandbach Concert Series with Jonathan Fisher

17/5 : @theeasyrollers Album Launch Tour

23/5 - 26/5: Leeds Lieder - Discovering Lieder

27/5 : A Night at the Opera with @kingschurchsalford

17/6 : songSLAM - Moving Home by Pierre Flasse, text by Ron Moran

22/7 - 5/8 : Little Women (quartet + Beth cover) with @operahollandpark

7/8 - 18/8 : Drop Me Off in Harlem Cabaret @ Edinburgh Fringe

23/8 - 25/8 : A Most Wanted Man by Stephen Davismoon (World Premiere - Liverpool)

Back in 2013 we performed the Australian premier of Little Women by Mark Adamo at @waapa.ecu I found all my old notes and memories while I was home and have brought them with me to the UK. This Summer I’ll be singing as Young Beth in the quartet and covering the role of Beth in the UK premiere of Little Women at @operahollandpark really looking forward to hearing this music again. So many good memories from that production and lots of back stage shenanigans with Bonnie de la Hunty, Catherine Rosman Amy Manford, Corinne Cowling Lauren Fraser, Albertina Antartis and Kelly Porter.



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