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'Moving Home' Premiere

On 17th June 2022, I will be performing the premiere of ‘Moving Home’ composed by Pierre Flasse and poem by Australian Poet, Rod Moran.

I first met Rod at Lyric Lane Maylands after a show, sitting with his note book, writing his thoughts and reflections of the day accompanied by a friend and a glass of red wine. His passion for story telling and creative words were inspiring and I felt very honoured to have met him. He gifted me some of his published books and recited this poem.

It’s not everyday that you get to sing artsong with Australian inflections. I will be performing with Mairi Grewer at a competition called SongSLAM presented by Re-Sung UK.



On Friday night Mairi Grewer and Daniella Sicari performed the premiere of Moving Home composed by Pierre Flasse and poem by Rod Moran.

Unfortunately due to a fire on the tracks, Pierre was stuck on a train platform in the middle of his journey and couldn’t make it in time. We had him with us in spirit and he wanted to say: It was an honour to be a part of this team and have the privilege of working with Daniella. Her voice is a real joy to write for and we had so much fun to build the music and story together.

Congratulations to all of the groups who performed and to the winners of songSLAM. Thank you to @resunguk and @perezalicious for putting on a fantastic night of creativity and collaboration. It was wonderful to hear so many new songs!

A note from the poet:

“The setting of Moving Home to a score has produced a multi-dimensional text, creating a dialectic of voices. That of the poet and the poem’s rendering by the singer. Musically, the piano enriches the spare rhyming scheme of the quatrains, the poem’s internal music. It has been conjured to another level, achieving a fascinating artistic chemistry by singer Daniella Sicari and composer Pierre Flasse. I am deeply moved and most grateful. Rod Moran.”

Massive shout out to Jack Spencer who found the competition and was in our original MH team. This just means we need another excuse to perform the song ☺️

Watch this space 👀



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