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Local creatives and companies provide a high-quality event in a beautiful location in the heart of the city. Performing music that transcends the notes on the page and gives the audience something to think deeply about, cherish and enjoy.

Bloom is a multidisciplinary concert experience including chamber music, art song and visual art that is centred around the imagery of flowers. With art from Jules Hancock and Honeybunch Botanicals, performers include Darlington Quartet, Daniella Sicari, Adrian Soares and rising star Jesse Chester-Browne.

Each element of this night weaves into one another with theme and inspiration from the words 'lush' and 'bloom'. In partnership with Tenth Muse Initiative, the programme has a focus on underrepresented creatives and highlights female composers from the past and current including local composer Emma Jayakumar.

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This event has now ended.

Thank you to our project partners: 

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A string quartet plays atmospheric sketches of woodland and open air while a painter etches an image on a red canvas. Dabs of paint reflect shimmering harmonics and gently rhythmic pizzicato, creating an impression of sound just as a reviewer’s pen or a recording device seeks to capture the moment. Accelerating as the music lifts in intensity, bolder lines describe plants, blooming with deep harmony as strings blossom in full voice.

- The West Australian

pc: Karl Brown Photography

"It was the opening statement of Bloom, an immersive collation of music, painting, bouquets and botanic beverages, at Moana Hall in the Perth’s Hay Street Mall. While much of COVID life has been virtual and intangible, here everything was within reach and refreshingly so, at a former CBD cafe reimagined as a performance space and bar."

- The West Australian

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